Do you ever feel like dreams beget more dreams?  As I fell asleep last night (which happened three times as H decided to keep waking up)  along with all of the other hubbub buzzing in my brain I thought, what I wouldn’t give for a clone.  I’d send her downstairs right now to do a, b, and c.

Sadly, that is not possible.  And perhaps I am just meant to do what I do when I do it even if that means putting train track together all day (I’m not sure who likes H’s train set better, him or me).  The last two weeks have been what I think of as reflection times for me, along with all of the holidays, family, and break in the normal routine.  I always get super reflective during trips and Christmas.  I always live in a mental place where I’m between the old and the new, and questioning what will be the new?  And centering and figuring out what more I want to do with my life.  And dreaming.  Pretty easy to have dreams in a place like this:

The rain splattered plastic cover in the foreground is a hot tub.
Rain.  Snow.  Wind.  Sun.  Rainbows.

DSC03655 (2)

DSC03656 (2)
H & I’s room.


This particular house came with a baby gate at the top of the stairs, toys, toddler cups/plates, and even a high chair.

DSC03673 (2)


DSC03698 (2)
H & his Papa.





DSC03736 (2)DSC03741DSC03747DSC03751


I wanted to break this up into two posts but it’s already 2016 so a 2015 Christmas already seems like so last week.

The power went out the first night.  We (meaning my cousins) started a fire by candlelight and we ate pizza.  I had to teach yoga the next night and morning after so I left H there after he went down for a nap.  My parents arrived before he woke up and took care of him that night.  Can you see by the above pictures how awesome they are?

Before I left we went into Hood River to this rad spot for a bite.  On the way back to the car my cousin and I spotted a Charlie Brown style Christmas tree lounging against the wall.  It was obviously (to us at least) discarded so we began to plot about how to get it back to the Mosier house.  It already had tinsel all over it!  She picked up said tree and squished it into my car trunk (I was pushing H in his stroller).  I think my favorite moment of the whole trip was crossing a busy intersection with her and looking back at her carrying that thing and the expression on her face was not one of embarrassment but of joy and pride.  I brought some ornaments from home and there it sat sideways the whole week.  We talked about making a stand but just let it go.

I had a couple of late night conversations with my other cousin and her girlfriend in the hot tub overlooking the gorge.  About dreams mostly, and yes manifesting unicorns if you will.  Manifesting the impossible.  Dreaming about stuff and then working hard.

I love being around my family I don’t get to see on the regular.  We grew up together, throwing shoes across HWY 99E at each other, always being mischievous.  Always wanting more.  Always testing the limits.  I wanted to write this post when it was still 2015, but in the last week I have felt a lot of sadness.  I needed time to process.  I miss not being around them all of the time.  No matter how old I get I still feel that.

And the food.  My cousin’s gf is a chef and it was quite the treat to hear in the morning, Sis, how would you like you eggs cooked?  She’s seriously like a magician.

I taught a detox class of sorts this past week.  Lots of chairs and twists.  At the end I encouraged students to let go of something toxic in 2016.  Cliche, yes but I’m still down with it.  I decided to throw out my favorite yoga pants.  I keep darning the holes in them and they keep sagging down at the waist.  Making room for the new, even if it’s just yoga pants.

Last year on 1-7-15 my New Year’s resolution was yoga.  Can you believe that?  I was falling down this time last year trying to flow.  My balance was whack.  I couldn’t hold anything for long.  I was a yoga baby.  Going back to unicorns, who knew I would start to practice regularly, go to teacher training, start teaching free yoga in the park, and then finally get a yoga gig???!!!  I believe in unicorns, you better believe.

This year I’ve gone back and forth on intentions.  My main will still be following the yoga path.  Then it is S U M M E R.  I do not like Summer.  I get depressed like people get depressed in the Winter.  It’s hot and I don’t like shorts.  I want to eat and hide.  I just get really negative.  This year I want to manifest a different kind of Summer and really enjoy it with H.

I also want to focus on the five Y A M A S:  Ahisma, Satya, Asteya, Brachmacharya, & Aparigraya.  Look it up.

Manifesting a rich and love-filled 2016 to you and our beautiful Earth.





Published by Liz Brower

I've practiced yoga since 2006, I stumbled into a class at my local gym. I didn't really "get" yoga, I wanted to do all of the poses to the max, I didn't focus on breathing, and I was very competitive. A year later I quit smoking and my mom purchased a three month unlimited to a local studio. I fell in love with yoga! Plus the metaphor was strong, my lungs began to repair, I could take really deep inhales without coughing! I later began to go to a free outdoor yoga classes in downtown Long Beach, CA that was also affiliated with a donation based studio. Yoga was fun, affordable, accessible, and outside! I loved it. I started practicing at home by myself. I started meditating. Right after I found the classes at the gym stopped drinking alchohol. My sobriety and yoga have intertwined ever since. They compliment each other amazingly and I am so grateful for them both. I stopped practicing yoga after getting pregnant and being caught up with the taking care of a newborn in 2013/2014. When he was 9 months old I realized that I really wanted to redirect myself back to yoga. I also had the seed planted in my mind while driving home from Christmas break, why don't you go do a yoga teacher training?! I started practicing yoga at a local studio and began scouring the internet for a teacher training program. I found Three Sisters Yoga, a lovely program, based out of NY & PDX. I was more than motivated to teach, I started teaching some free yoga in the summer of 2015 at a local park. I continued after that with an internship at the same studio I had signed back up with at the beginning of the year. I quit my day job. I hit the pavement, scouring for yoga gigs that would hire a newbie. I found a job and began to teach! Now I am navigating the great balance of being a single mom, a yoga teacher, and doing my best to trust my higher power with my future. I love to teach and practice vinyasa, but also know what it's like to be drawn to slower types of yoga due to injury or body type. I feel a special affinity for yoga new comers and like to teach practice at all different levels. Thank you for taking time to read a little more about me and I wish all of you the best in your own individual yoga practice. ~Namaste!


  1. I can imagine big dreams at a place like that. Beautiful. I find early morning the best time for dreams, particularly if I wake up (or am woken up) and fall back to sleep. Congrats on manifesting unicorns in 2015…really like the Summer intention and idea behind it.

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