A Day In The Life


I thought it would be interesting to encapsulate what a typical day is like as a yoga teacher almost 5 years into teaching.  I always like to know about other routines and occupations so hopefully someone out there finds this interesting.  I decided to document one of my busiest days, Thursday when I teach 4 classes.

6am:  Wake up either from my alarm or my 5 year old son.  Coffee for me, a snack for my son.  Listen to him talk about his night because I was out teaching.  I meditate for about a half hour while he plays or inserts himself into whatever my parents are doing.

7am:  Get us both dressed.  I usually take a bit of care picking out my yoga threads as I’m a fan of low maintenance and typically will wear the same outfit all day, a day that ends around 8pm.  I choose leggings, a tank, sturdy underwear that will move with me as I move and depending on the weather, a long sleeved shirt or jacket.  Holden is pretty good at getting himself undressed and dressed, but I leave his clothes laid out for him.  I try to keep my hair in braids or spray on some dry shampoo.  Low maintenance hair as I wash it just once a week.  I pick out jewelry, usually crystals and stones that mean something to me and make me feel good all day.  Yes, my jewelry are my comfort items, haha.

7:20am:  Start all the foods.  I assemble my smoothie first, usually a mix of greens, green juice, banana, frozen blueberries, ect.  I cook some food for my son and get our vitamins settled.  Blend smoothie.  We eat.  We drink.  I tidy up (usually).  I might eat a bit more, eggs and turkey bacon or I might eat on the way to my first gig.  Out of the whole day, this is when I consume the most usually.

8:20am:  I make sure everything is packed for the day, my son’s stuff, backpack, lunch, snack, homework, or whatever he needs.  I make sure I have snacks, my headphones, and lots of water.  We head out.  I drop him off at school and then I head for my first teaching location a little early.  I follow the familiar back roads from one small town, OR to another small town, OR about 30 minutes away.  Let’s just say that since most of my classes are in that second town I feel like I can almost drive it in my sleep which I may have half done all those mornings I taught at 5:30am.

9:30am:  I arrive at the gym and sit in my car a bit catching up on any texts, emails or anything else.   I head in and work out a body specific zone, arms, booty, or legs usually.  I can handle about 20 minutes on the torture machine, er stair climber, then sit on a bike machine and zone out until around 11:15am.  I drink a lot of water.

11:30am:  First class of the day, gentle yoga.  I teach here at this gym 3 times a week and same format so I have a lot of regulars.  The space is pretty amazing, large with really nice wood floors, and so many authentic people.  While I do have a lot of regulars here who know my style I scan the room for newbies and keep an eye on them while I teach with sole aim of helping them feel comfortable and leading them in the right direction in their practice.

12:45pm:  Wrap up, get back in my car.  I drink a lot of water.  I get serious about my podcasting at this point (if I haven’t already), and pick my favorite out to listen to.  I’ll leave my favorite podcasts at the bottom of this post.  I usually eat a small snack and think about where to get coffee.  I find my coffee spot and head home for a while.  I basically chill and zone out until my next class.  My chill and zone would be Netflixing, crocheting, perusing memes (zodiac or yoga based usually), other art projects, or taking a bath.  I also mentally run thought any social media promotion I have in the works.  I think about my current content and scheduling new pictures in the future with my friends or myself.  I might eat another small snack depending on how I feel.  I also drink a lot of water.

2:50pm:  I head out back to the first small town where I teach 2 one hour sessions to any staff of the school district there.  This population is very beloved as both of my parents are teachers and after experiencing volunteering for a very limited amount of time in the class room, have so much respect and awe for the idea that this is actually a job some people choose to do and most do well.  I teach in a school library and it’s another favorite space.  The school isn’t fully used so it’s just us and the books.  When the sun is out the light filters in warmly through large windows.  There’s a school garden on the other side of those windows in a nice courtyard.  I teach a slow vinyasa.  I keep an eye out for levels, if I sense the class wanting more gentle, I’ll teach to that.  I offer lots of levels for the teachers because some desire and are prepared for a gentler experience while some crave more intensity.

5:30pm:  School district classes are wrapped so I head out to my last class, I again make that back roads (which is very scenic btw) drive to my last class.  I think for the millionth time about how grateful I am for podcasts.  Again, depending on how I feel I may have a small snack.  After much trial and error, this is how eating on my 4 class day usually goes only because I’ve found that no eating makes my head feel to airy and too much eating makes my head feel too weighted down.  Since my job is to clearly articulate my words which my brain thinks, eating light is just the way things have to go on these days when I teach a lot.  I limit my water knowing I won’t want to use the restroom a bunch after class.  I usually arrive at my next location early and might construct a social media flier or do a post on FB or IG.  I also check up mentally on if I need to invoice and bill anyone for work, if I’m waiting on a check, or if I have clocked in everywhere I’m supposed to and if I’ve entered my class numbers everywhere I’m supposed to.

8pm:  I head home.  I feel very happy after this last class, at a yoga studio I’ve been involved with for a long while.  It recently changed location and was remodeled and it’s an amazing place to take class and teach at.  The class was all levels vinyasa, so very similar format to what the teachers got.  Scanning for new faces, becoming more familiar with them.  Continuing relationships with students that have been coming for a while.  I get in my car and I drink all the water!  I might eat another small snack depending on how I feel and not wanting to be super hungry at bed time.  I again listen to podcasts.

8:20pm:  My day is done!  I check in with my parents and go look at and put extra covers on my sleeping son.  I get into my pajamas and usually watch some more Netflix before falling asleep.  I make sure to set my alarm for 6am.  I know, a yoga teacher who doesn’t meditate before bed but watches Netflix??  The horror.

And that’s my day.  Some days are like that and others I have my son more and have less classes.  I don’t think the yoga teacher life is for everyone, but I’m enjoying it for now.  I also think a lot about those out there who have full time jobs and then go out to teach a class after.  Whew.

It’s taught me a lot about self care.  I view my body as a machine and what goes into it makes it run a certain way.  Not that I haven’t had a burrito before class before, come one I’m human, but I just know what I’m signing up for right?  Like in much of life it’s better for myself if I do my best, knowing what my body needs, but then not being too hard on myself.  Because tacos, sushi, and burritos are also of high importance.

Wishing all of you out there a peaceful and grounded beginning of December.  Less consumerism and more meditation, for me at least.


PODCASTS:  Armchair Expert, Yogaland, Sibling Revelry, & Yoga is Dead are my current faves.

SNACKS:  The best snacks I’ve found for in between classes with lots of classes days are Go Macro bars (protein pleasure is my fave), apple sauce, & turkey jerkey (I like the sticks from TJ’s).




Published by Liz Brower

I've practiced yoga since 2006, I stumbled into a class at my local gym. I didn't really "get" yoga, I wanted to do all of the poses to the max, I didn't focus on breathing, and I was very competitive. A year later I quit smoking and my mom purchased a three month unlimited to a local studio. I fell in love with yoga! Plus the metaphor was strong, my lungs began to repair, I could take really deep inhales without coughing! I later began to go to a free outdoor yoga classes in downtown Long Beach, CA that was also affiliated with a donation based studio. Yoga was fun, affordable, accessible, and outside! I loved it. I started practicing at home by myself. I started meditating. Right after I found the classes at the gym stopped drinking alchohol. My sobriety and yoga have intertwined ever since. They compliment each other amazingly and I am so grateful for them both. I stopped practicing yoga after getting pregnant and being caught up with the taking care of a newborn in 2013/2014. When he was 9 months old I realized that I really wanted to redirect myself back to yoga. I also had the seed planted in my mind while driving home from Christmas break, why don't you go do a yoga teacher training?! I started practicing yoga at a local studio and began scouring the internet for a teacher training program. I found Three Sisters Yoga, a lovely program, based out of NY & PDX. I was more than motivated to teach, I started teaching some free yoga in the summer of 2015 at a local park. I continued after that with an internship at the same studio I had signed back up with at the beginning of the year. I quit my day job. I hit the pavement, scouring for yoga gigs that would hire a newbie. I found a job and began to teach! Now I am navigating the great balance of being a single mom, a yoga teacher, and doing my best to trust my higher power with my future. I love to teach and practice vinyasa, but also know what it's like to be drawn to slower types of yoga due to injury or body type. I feel a special affinity for yoga new comers and like to teach practice at all different levels. Thank you for taking time to read a little more about me and I wish all of you the best in your own individual yoga practice. ~Namaste!

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