About Liz Brower

Hi!  My name is Liz and I’ve been practicing yoga since 2007.   I, like a lot of other westerners stumbled into a class at my local gym.  I didn’t really “get” what was going on, I strove under the watchful eye of a yoga instructor to do all of the poses to the max, I didn’t understand the breath work involved, and I initially felt very competitive.  I later began classes at a local studio, as well as stumbling upon and becoming a part of an amazing community based outdoor yoga collective.   I began a home practice.


In 2015 I completed a 200 teacher training in Portland, Oregon and began to teach.  I also, for the first time since practicing, became a regular at  meditation, which I never do perfectly.

“The main concept that has drawn me to my mat over & over again was the concept of finding SHELTER.  No matter what I was going through in life, I always knew I could find respite during yoga class.  I could take a break for an hour & just practice.  Afterwards my problems always seemed smaller.”


I believe that you don’t have to be super flexible and able bodied to practice and there are many types of practice that range from power vinyasa flow to doing childs pose, chanting, and meditating.   I believe if you trust it, yoga meets you where you are.

I’ve witnessed yoga help myself and others gain unimaginable physical strength, yes.  I’ve also experienced relief for myself and seen those that deal with depression & anxiety get that relief.


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