Spring/Summer Newsletter 2023: BALANCE

Well, well, well the days are getting longer in Oregon & it was too hot to wear my sweatshirt in the car last Sat! I remember thinking adults were so weird when they obsessed about the weather as a kid, but here in Oregon everyone’s moods start to shift in March! People can’t wait toContinue reading “Spring/Summer Newsletter 2023: BALANCE”

Fall/Winter Newsletter 2022: Let’s Hibernate

It’s fall! As much as I love summer it has been nice to feel the need (want?) for a sweatshirt & notice a few leaves turning gold. As I enter this fall season my yoga classes get whittled down to 2 per week. It was amazing to teach at a new location for Farm YogaContinue reading “Fall/Winter Newsletter 2022: Let’s Hibernate”

Spring/Summer Newsletter 2022: Treat Yo’self

As the warmth slowly begins to creep back into Oregon & I have already seen the first Spring blooms (!), I realize I have entered a new phase in my yoga teaching career: not teaching as much. This is strange for someone who went hard even during the pandemic, offering Zoom yoga classes every chanceContinue reading “Spring/Summer Newsletter 2022: Treat Yo’self”

Fall/Winter Newsletter 2021: The Long Game

I’ve noticed myself shrugging on a sweatshirt in the mornings and evenings the last two weeks. I near my 8th year of being an Oregonian, and I have to confess I’m eager for pumpkins, orange leaves, and all of the magic that comes with fall. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be okay with winterContinue reading “Fall/Winter Newsletter 2021: The Long Game”

Spring/Summer Newsletter 2021: Purusha

As summer approaches I am reminded of this newsletter endeavor and my yoga teacher friend who encouraged me to get back after it.  She said (or maybe I said),“People forget where you are.” Well, hello again and I’m finally ready to see you and be seen.  The winter was hard.  I felt as though itContinue reading “Spring/Summer Newsletter 2021: Purusha”