Spring in Oregon is truly a wild thing.  Wildly flowery, it’s not uncommon for it to rain both water and petals this time of year.  End of Winter wind raucously blowing the petals all around and everywhere, they stick to vehicles, roads, sidewalks, and the bottom of your shoes. The sun making it’s hesitant presenceContinue reading “IN BLOOM I”


There have lately been occurrences of longer than normal periods of the actual *gasp* SUN here in the pacific nw: It’s been nice to get out in it.  Is it an early Spring?  I can’t help but think that Spring leads into Summer & then a feeling of foreboding floods me.  Summer is my intention/newContinue reading “OPEN & WILLING”


I had forgotten last post to write about how I have been randomly (and not so randomly) gifted three pairs of yoga pants!  One kind of ‘silly’ thing I let go of in 2015 was an old black pair that fit me just right until they didn’t any more.  I had been sewing all theContinue reading “I AM ENOUGH, I HAVE ENOUGH”


My master teacher in training used to say that the opposite of love is fear. I had presumed it before that to be hate, but I now agree that hate springs from fear.  My prayers for the upset and bloodshed in France and all over the whole world, those unknown hot pockets of darkness, isContinue reading “ROAD TRIP”


My aunt is visiting.  She’s pinch hitting for my mom and step-dad who take on the responsibility of watching H when I’m at work, meetings, yoga, or various other things.  My son absolutely loves her even though he’s only been around her at 6 and 10 months old, and only for a couple days.  LikeContinue reading “RELATED”


***Please note:  I’m not trying to hate on any of the cities below.  I know that any negativity I write about came from a place in time where I was personally.  Anyone else living there could have a completely different perspective on it, as I even did for a big chunk of time.  And asContinue reading “FOR THE LOVE OF A CITY”