Spring in Oregon is truly a wild thing.  Wildly flowery, it’s not uncommon for it to rain both water and petals this time of year.  End of Winter wind raucously blowing the petals all around and everywhere, they stick to vehicles, roads, sidewalks, and the bottom of your shoes. The sun making it’s hesitant presenceContinue reading “IN BLOOM I”


I guess everyone will have a reprieve of sorts after the next week or so as school goes on break and people begin to travel towards loved ones to celebrate Christmas.  If you’re familiar with me or this blog you know how much I love rain, Winter, Christmas, ect.  In the week before Christmas I’mContinue reading “A WINTER REPRIEVE”


I’ve done lots of things alone in life.  Most haven’t bothered me, like I have seldom thought, having someone with me would make this so much better.  I’ve been single for years.  I’ve lived alone and enjoyed it.  I’ve gone to my fair share of movies alone.  I’ve sat at plenty of meetings alone, apartContinue reading “YOGA, PARTY OF ONE”


My aunt is visiting.  She’s pinch hitting for my mom and step-dad who take on the responsibility of watching H when I’m at work, meetings, yoga, or various other things.  My son absolutely loves her even though he’s only been around her at 6 and 10 months old, and only for a couple days.  LikeContinue reading “RELATED”


H and I just got back from a trip to Canada, specifically Sooke, BC.  I won a gift certificate at work last Christmas to stay in any of these Canadian chains of hotels.  I learned very quickly after exciting the ferry that Sooke is not pronounced, “Sookie,” but like the zook in gadzooks.  Sook.  ItContinue reading “OH CANADA PART 1”


I’ve recently been having a complicated relationship with social media.  Me, who quit Facebook back in 2012.  Me, who keeps a private Instagram, my only social media account.  I am now the proud facilitator of three Instagram accounts, two Pinterests, one Twitter, and four Facebook accounts.  These include work accounts that I regularly (except TwitterContinue reading “SOCIAL MEDIA & ME”


I went to South Portland this week to visit one of my teacher training peeps.  The plan was to do some yoga in the park and then go eat lunch.  Her kids caught wind of our adventure and flew through her house and into her garage.  They were so excited my friend could barely getContinue reading “MAHALO & ALOHA”