I went to South Portland this week to visit one of my teacher training peeps.  The plan was to do some yoga in the park and then go eat lunch.  Her kids caught wind of our adventure and flew through her house and into her garage.  They were so excited my friend could barely getContinue reading “MAHALO & ALOHA”


Buckle seat belts kids, this is gonna be a long post… Yesterday was my last day at teacher training with Three Sisters Yoga.  It was hard to meditate (we start out our weekend mornings meditating for 30 minutes) both days.  On Saturday I was teaching my co-students for 15 minutes.  On Sunday, most of usContinue reading “AN END TO A BEGINNING”


I feel like so much has happened in the past two weeks, it’s difficult to pick what to write about!  I’ll start with a journal entry I wrote after meditating in training: I am grateful.  I am grateful for life.  I am grateful for new friends.  I am grateful for yoga.  I am grateful forContinue reading “JUST SHOW UP (AND THE UNIVERSE)”


The last week was a humdinger, I wrote in my journaling email, one of our assignments in teacher training.  It was.  H was teething his molars, he woke up every two hours and was inconsolable most nights.  If I learned anything from the newborn era, it’s that I do not function well without sleep!  IContinue reading “LINING UP”


Don’t let the title of this post fool you.  I’ve been very physically un-still lately. My step-dad, H, and I went to the OR Zoo last week.  H is getting to a new place, the stroller and ergo have become somewhat of a prison to him after a while, he wants to R U N  Continue reading “BEING STILL”


I have been obsessed with inversions and arm balancing poses for the last two weeks thanks to these two.  They are a gravity defying yogi-couple and you can’t help but be inspired by them.  I’ve been hopping into hand stand, forearm standing and hand standing against the wall, and rocking forward to balance on myContinue reading “UPSIDE DOWN”


I went to my first hard yoga class in the new year.  Like it was, hard.  It’s been so long since I’ve gone to a really challenging yoga class, it was like getting doused with cold water.  But it was good.  My mind achieved quiet because it was too busy focusing on not collapsing intoContinue reading “WHEN THE RUBBER MEETS THE OUCH”