I turn 40 in a couple of weeks & to celebrate am traveling to Spain at the end of June.  I’m not one of those people who dislikes getting older.  I found sobriety at 31 & ever since then, my life gets better & better.  I was a pretty unhappy lady in my 20’s (whichContinue reading “JUST A NUMBER”


I went bouldering (will have to write a separate post on that subject!) yesterday before I was to sub a class at the Y.  My head was in the clouds as I typed in a search for the YMCA in the town I teach in.  I drove there feeling very full, mentally, spiritually, & physicallyContinue reading “PROFESSIONAL YOGA DRIVER”


H’s sickness finally cleared & we have been feeling like normal again.  My new gig works out great as I can check him into the child care area while I teach (!).  We drive on a curvy road in the woods on the edge of town & I always appreciate how the purity of natureContinue reading “PALATE CLEANSE”


An artist friend, Bonnie Taylor-Talbot had a bunch of us over to her art studio to make Valentines.  She’s an amazing artist, check out more of her art out here & here.  The whole experience was so light, pink (yes, pink!), & dreamy I did filter all of these photos to represent that.  Note thatContinue reading “AN UNSTRUCK HEART”


I’ve done lots of things alone in life.  Most haven’t bothered me, like I have seldom thought, having someone with me would make this so much better.  I’ve been single for years.  I’ve lived alone and enjoyed it.  I’ve gone to my fair share of movies alone.  I’ve sat at plenty of meetings alone, apartContinue reading “YOGA, PARTY OF ONE”


I’ve chaired two meetings in the last week.  I signed up for one because I was approaching 7 and a half years and the other because the secretary kept passing around the sign up sheet and there were a lot of gaps.  Noticing when I have another half year of sobriety under my belt isContinue reading “THE RAW TRUTH & A JOB”


So I haven’t really been hustling.  Hustling for me would be working until you fall into bed at 1am, only to wake up at 5am to start again.  So it hasn’t been that.  It’s been a flow-like hustle, if that makes any sense.  Life flows.  Wake up to, mama, mama, feed the little bear, changeContinue reading “HUSTLE & FLOW”


I began my apprenticeship with a local studio which included a 30 minute audition.  I was a fan of just getting a yoga gig and running with it, but this apprenticeship has been the bee’s knees so far.  Don’t know the difference between something?  Ask a yoga teacher.  Confused about sequencing?  Ask a yoga teacher. Continue reading “I DREAM IN YOGA”


H and I just got back from a trip to Canada, specifically Sooke, BC.  I won a gift certificate at work last Christmas to stay in any of these Canadian chains of hotels.  I learned very quickly after exciting the ferry that Sooke is not pronounced, “Sookie,” but like the zook in gadzooks.  Sook.  ItContinue reading “OH CANADA PART 1”


I went to South Portland this week to visit one of my teacher training peeps.  The plan was to do some yoga in the park and then go eat lunch.  Her kids caught wind of our adventure and flew through her house and into her garage.  They were so excited my friend could barely getContinue reading “MAHALO & ALOHA”